How It Works

Customer reviews are the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your company. Only *you* can’t do anything—your customers have to spread the good word about your business for you. But how?

Create a Review Funnel

Baseline Reviews provides an easy and unobtrusive way to ask and remind customers to review your business on the sites that matter to you. We call it a “review funnel”. Use Baseline Reviews to:

Systematically drive customers to one conversion funnel that routes them to the review sites you care about.

Increase review volume and quality by automatically asking, reminding and guiding happy customers through the process of completing a review.

Get a second chance with unhappy customers by guiding them to a service recovery.

See results with beautiful monthly reports that demonstrate reputational improvement alongside actionable insights into campaign data.

Leverage and amplify 4- and 5-star reviews by automatically streaming them to your website.